Junior training cancelled Sunday 27th July

Due to the wet weather there will be no junior training on Sunday 27th July. We will be back again on 4th August.

Welwyn Garden City Cricket Club Cricket Week Fixtures - 2019 Season

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Mon 01 Jul 2019 Datchworth(H) Home (Digswell Park) 18h00Friendly
Tue 02 Jul 2019 Beynon/Mercer(H) Home (Digswell Park) 18h00Friendly
Wed 03 Jul 2019 Stoics (H) Home (Digswell Park) 11h00Friendly
Thu 04 Jul 2019 MCC(H) Home (Digswell Park) 11h30Friendly
Fri 05 Jul 2019 Past v Present(H) Home (Digswell Park) 14h00Friendly