Junior training cancelled due to rain - Wednesday 2nd September

Summer Cricket Camps return to Welwyn Garden City CC -
more details here

Junior training cancelled due to rain - Wednesday 2nd September

The DPSA bar has re-opened for outdoor service only from 12 April - More details here

Welwyn Garden City Cricket Club - Nets & Practice Facility Policy

All members are required to read the new policy before using the nets.

Welwyn Garden City Cricket Club Practice Facilities Policy

Purpose: The policy aims to ensure the safe and appropriate use of the practice facilities at Welwyn Garden City Cricket Club, fostering a conducive environment for all playing members while maintaining the facilities in optimal condition.

Kit & Equipment Rules:

  1. Kit Placement: Avoid placing kit bags on the artificial playing surface or within the hitting direction during practice sessions.
  2. Footwear: Wear appropriate footwear, such as rubber-soled (non-marking) cricket shoes or trainers. Spikes, heels, smooth soles, or street shoes are not permitted.
  3. Protection: Batters using a hard ball must wear adequate protective gear, including helmets, boxes, and pads.
  4. Under 18's Safety: All individuals under the age of 18 must wear a helmet while batting.
  5. Ball Usage: Only proper leather cricket balls or bowling machine balls are allowed in nets. Tennis balls or purpose-made "incrediballs" may be used in specific circumstances.
  6. Prohibited Items: Footballs, rugby balls, etc., are not permitted in the nets.

Net Safety Rules:

  1. No Spectators: Spectators are not allowed in the nets area for safety reasons.
  2. Preparation: Batters should pad up outside the net area.
  3. Bowling Protocol: Bowlers should only bowl when the batter is ready and should maintain visual contact with the batter. They must refrain from bowling if a loose ball is present in the net.
  4. Emergency Stop: A loud cry of "STOP" should immediately halt all activity in the nets to address any safety concerns.
  5. Ball Handling: Batters must promptly return balls, ensuring they are not left loose in the net.
  6. Safety Retrieval: Balls should be retrieved safely from the side netting by the batter, ensuring no imminent bowling and mutual awareness with other batters.
  7. Adherence to Cricket Laws: Bowling must adhere to the laws of cricket, including legal distance and action, and avoiding deliberate excess of short bowling.
  8. Maximum Occupancy: The recommended maximum number of players in a net at any given time is six, including two batters with one padding up and four bowlers.

Nets used for ARRANGED practice sessions:

  1. Supervision: Sessions must be conducted under the supervision of an ECB qualified coach.
  2. Safety Checks: Coaches must inspect the cage and netting before practice to ensure a safe environment.
  3. Equipment Storage: All equipment, including kit bags, must be stored away from the nets.
  4. Behavior: Players must behave appropriately during net practice.
  5. Post-Session: Equipment must be properly stored after each practice session.

Nets used by members outside normal practice sessions:

  1. Responsibility: The club does not accept responsibility for unaccompanied children using the nets, and members under 18 are the responsibility of their parents/guardians/carers.
  2. Safety Disclaimer: Users without a qualified coach's supervision do so at their own risk.
  3. Safety Standards: Proper protective wear, including helmets, is mandatory when using a hard ball.
  4. Cleanliness: Nets must be left in their original condition, with equipment returned to the changing room and any rubbish removed.

Bowling Machine Policy:

  1. Usage Protocol: Only senior members with prior committee agreement may use the bowling machine.
  2. Safety Responsibility: Qualified users are responsible for ensuring the safety of all users and must inform them of health and safety policies.
  3. Compliance: Users must adhere to the manufacturer's recommended operating procedures; non-compliance absolves the club of liability.
  4. Disciplinary Action: Improper use may result in suspension and potential disciplinary action.
  5. Charges: The committee reserves the right to introduce hiring charges if necessary.
  6. Damage Liability: Users causing damage may be liable for repair charges.
  7. Equipment Responsibility: Users accept full responsibility for the machine and accessories; loss results in replacement charges.
  8. Transportation: Prior permission is required from club officials for off-site use.
  9. Post-Use: Equipment must be returned to the storage unit after use.

Additional Guidelines:

  • Nobody under the age of 18 may operate the bowling machine.
  • Users must report any faults, damage, or problems with the nets or bowling machine to a relevant member of the committee immediately.